How does it feel to you now that your album is out?? How have the reactions been so far?? 

Andri: All the reactions -so far- have been phenomenal. It's been very scary, very exciting. 

Margrét: Yeah, it's like growing up. It's a new way because so far we only released EP's. I really hope that people will like it.

Also another exciting part is that your tour started. You are coming from the Netherlands and are now playing a few shows in Germany. How was the start??

Margrét: The start was really good actually. 

Andri: Yes. We have a tour manager, called Ben. We just met him for the first time and didn't know what to expect. But he made everything so easy for us. It's almost like a dream.

Margrét: He is like an extra hand...

Andri: ...and knows everything that you need to know in this position. (laughs) So you don't have to look for information, he has it all.

Margrét: And the reactions in the Netherlands have been really good, with the new stuff we've been playing. 

Speaking of different countries: Do landscapes, cities or travelling influence your songwriting??

Margrét: Yes, I guess so. Iceland does have an influence on us. Talking about travelling, it feels good to be in another environment because on Iceland you always see the same things.

Andri: You're so used to your every day life. 

Margrét: So, the feeling of driving on a road that you don't know, is nice. Meeting new people...

Andri: ...hearing new stories.

Is it easy for you to get the ideas of each other?? And how did you find out that you -in this constellation- work?? 

Andri: We started with just the two of us. And that was a lucky accident. Me and Margrét, we had known each other for five or six years and she didn't know I played the saxophone and I didn't know she was singing and playing guitar and piano. We knew each other for so long until we realised that we could make music together. 

Margrét: Yeah. And I wanted to participate in this competition called: Music Experiment. So, I said: 'Andri, why don't we participate?!' And he said yes, so we did it and we won and then we were like: 'Okay, we are a band now.' (laughs). So yeah, it just evolved from that. We wanted to write exactly the same music, it was really perfect. 

When you write a song, do you know exactly how you want to have it?? Because I can imagine that it's tough to decide when an electronic produced song is really finished?! How do you know that it is enough and you have to let the song go??

Andri: That is probably the hardest part. To know, when to stop working on a song. 

Margrét: To just let it go.

Andri: Most of our songs go through a lot of changes, a lot of different faces, from the demo to the full version, to the studio version, to the live version; they are all so different, you know.

Margrét: Yeah, the hardest part with it is that you make the demo and then you have to move it to a studio version and the inbetween time is the most difficult part. 

Andri: Maybe you do this demo and it's low quality but you love it so much...

Margrét: ...yes, we call it 'Demo Love' – that's a curse. (laughs) 

If someone would ask you to choose only one of your songs, which one would it be and why would you want the person to hear it?? 

Margrét: My would probably be 'Polar' or 'Figure'. 

Andri: I really like 'Polar' and 'Breaking Bones' and (both) 'Don't Let Me Go'.

Margrét: Yes. That's the one at the moment. It's a slow song but the vibe is really good. It's a love song and we played it now twice and you can see in the faces of the crowd, that they're feeling it. It's just a great feeling and I always loved that song.

Short questions:

In one word: Vök is...??

Margrét: It is 'Hole In The Ice'. But that is the translation. Experience or experimental...

Andri: ...I say experience. For us as much as for anybody else we are experiencing new things every day. 

The best mood to listen to our songs would be...??

Andri: Underneath the covers, in your bed. (everybody laughs)

Margrét: People tell me quite often: 'I listen to your music while cleaning.' (again laughter) 

Our biggest influence is probably...??

Margrét: Portishead. Number one.

Andri: Yes, I agree. That's the root where we started everything, it's the common ground that we found from the beginning. Then, after them, we have other influences like Massive Attack and Bombay Bycicle Club...

Margrét: ...James Blake. But Portishead is the main influence.

This year we're looking forward to...??

Andri: Our album is out, what next!? (laughs)

Margrét: We're gonna make another album this year.


Margrét: Yeah, that's the goal. I really, really want to make another album this year. 

Andri: We don't wanna rest on our laurels. 

Our band can be described as...??

Margrét: Dream pop, with an indie vibe, a lot of experimentals. So, indie-dream-pop.

Andri: Most description that we heard was: Dreamy electronic.

The latest funny thing that made us laugh was...??

(both look at each other smiling)

Andri: This is so silly. Òli (Òlafur Alexander) went into a music store with us and he bought himself a new Fender jazz bass. He walked out of the store being really proud of himself with the new bass. And we started clapping and chanting at him and it was all silly but funny. 

Margrét: And now we have a new family member, with the bass.

If we could wish for a collaboration we would ask...??

Margrét: I would surely hope for a song with Massive Attack. That would be a dream coming true. Or The Weeknd (laughs)

Andri: Yeah, having Skrillex producing our song. (laughs) 

Iceland means to us...??

Both: Home

Margrét: And comfort zone.

The last thing in this interview that we want to mention...??
Andri: Listen to our album 'Figure'. We really hope, you like it.
Margrét: It has a soul in it. 
Andri: It has all of our souls in it. We are soul-less now. (laughs)