I like the fact that your solo project is not too far away from the sound of your band Barcelona. It’s more like a stripped down version of it, pure and vulnerable. When did you decide to go solo ways?? 

SYML didn’t start as a conscious decision to ‘go solo’. I had two songs that I had written and recorded a few years ago that weren’t right for whatever Barcelona was recording at the time, so I just sat on them. One of those songs got used in TV show and immediately started gaining attention. That was really the thing that pushed SYML into forming.

Is SYML really just you or do you work on it together with someone else?? 

SYML is really just me. However, I have enjoyed working with one of my best friends, and original bandmates in Barcelona, Brian Eichelberger as well. I have recorded most of SYML with his help and beautiful string arrangements.

Your music always pushes me into a cineastic ambience. I highly admire people that are able to create this kind of music. How do you get into the mood to write such tunes?? 

I joke with my wife that I enjoy making people sad with my music. Seriously though, I enjoy putting myself in somewhat of a desolate and cold place in order to really feel my thoughts or what my heart is saying. I don’t consider myself a sad person, but writing from that perspective brings me  a lot of joy.

Did you study vocals?? You are climbing the scale as if it was the easiest thing in the world for you. 

I have not studied vocals. I have just been lucky enough to shape (and not wreck) my voice through years of touring in Barcelona. Thank you for the kind words!

What do you prefer: Playing live and seeing the reactions of the audience directly or getting reactions from people who heard your music in movies and series?? 

So far, I have only seen and heard people’s reactions to the music when they hear it online or in a TV show. SYML has not actually played live yet, which is a bit of a weird feeling, but we are planning the first show right now!

I wish for a collaboration of Sigur Rós and you, it would fit perfectly. Do you have artists that you admire and would wish to work with one day?? 

Please tell Sigur Rós that I wish for that as well. They are an incredible band and are absolutely inspiring. There are many bands/artists that I admire and would love to work with. I have been lucky enough to work with some of them and it has produced some of my favorite art. Sigur Rós would be a pleasure to work with.

What are your plans for the next few months?? Can we hope for a tour, maybe even in Germany?? 

As I said, we are planning some live shows now, which I am excited about. I would love to come to Europe and especially Germany! I have visited as a tourist but never performed there. I am also working on new music.