Old Sea Brigade

The artwork of your EP ‚Wash Me Away‘ is pretty accurate as it shows a leaf reflecting waves. Your music creates the atmosphere of an autumn day – a bit melancholic, but also colourful like leaves. At the same time I can imagine listening to it on a veranda in a hot summer night. Please tell me that you wrote the music during (at least) one of these seasons to make me feel less like an idiot?!

A lot of Old Sea Brigade songs at this point have been a collection of songs I’ve written over the years. When I moved back home to Atlanta a few years ago it was towards the beginning of the summer and I definitely wrote a lot of songs then. I viewed writing that summer as one thing I could control, in which the more time I put in to writing, the more opportunities I could create for myself. I haven’t actually thought about how seasons affect my writing until your question (so thank you!) but I definitely think subconsciously they really do. Parts of the South I’ve lived in experience heavy changes of seasons so there’s always inspiration with change, in my opinion.

Your sound reminds me of ‚Band Of Horses‘ meeting ‚Bright Eyes‘ in the rehearsal room of ‚Arcade Fire‘. And that means that I really like it as I am a fan of all these artists. You are young at age but a wise music writer. Where do you get your inspiration from?? What puts you into the right mood to write a song like ‚Wishing Well‘?? (By the way: The friction of the tones here is fabulous!!)

Well thank you! I love all those bands and definitely find influence from them. I find most of my inspiration for songs through personal relationships, whether that’s a significant other, friend, family member, etc…I wish I knew exactly what puts me in a mood to write a song because it can be very cyclical for me. I’ll go one week with writing nothing then the next week writing 4 or 5 new songs. I’m really bad at writing a full song in one sitting so I’ll usually write different verses and choruses over a few days time. I think my surrounding plays a large part of it too. Especially for a song like „Wishing Well“ where I wrote that in a super old studio in downtown Manhattan late at night. A lot of it just comes out of nowhere, which is one the reasons I fell in love with music so much. It can be a total mystery for me.

Will your upcoming album sound like the EP or will you strike some other ways, too??

The songs on the EP are going to be on the album so for the most part it will be similar. I try to change it up here and there though.

Is it easier for you to write a melody or do the lyrics come first?? Mostly, artists struggle with one of the two parts.

A lot of times the melody and the lyrics will come pretty simultaneous for me. It usually starts with me singing gibberish then a few words will just pop in my head and I’ll try to piece everything together. So much of a songwriting is like figuring out a puzzle, except it’s way harder to know when you’re completely done.

The whole world observes the political situation in your country at the moment. Do terms like policy have an influence on your songwriting/do you feel the need to explain your opinion with your music or do you avoid topics like that??

I wouldn’t call myself a ‚political‘ songwriter but I do follow politics and have my views. Usually, for me, when I’m writing I use that as a brief escape from the outside world.